Broadband conversation

Broadband supplier Hyperoptic will be at Charter Quay on Thursday 15th February, between 5pm and 8pm to meet residents and talk about their latest broadband offers.

The Hyperoptic service has proven to be reliable. However, some residents have noticed a (sometimes substantial) reduction in connection speed compared to when the service was first installed. We therefore suggest you check the speed of your connection. If you're getting 50% or less of your contract speed, there is probably little point in upgrading the service and you may wish to try an alternative provider.

Check your broadband speed here and if you have time, please share the results with us.

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Bicycle cull - 6th February

There will be a bicycle cull on the 6th February to remove all abandoned bicycles. Please identify your bicycle as not abandoned by attaching a yellow label provided in your post box - additional labels are available in the concierge. Any bike without a label will be removed. 

The car parks are exclusively for cars, motorbikes, bicycles and mobility scooters. Any other items, including spare tyres, tools etc will also be removed during the cull.

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Lift out of order - Update

This has now been resolved - the lift is working again.

Friday 17th November: The lift in core five of Stevens House is currently out of order. This is due to a component failure. We are waiting for a replacement to be delivered and installed within the next 5 - 7 days. Please check here for updates.

We understand this may cause difficulties for some residents, so please telephone concierge on 020 8547 1052 if you require assistance.

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Night time moorings maintenance in July

Charter Quay Moorings Ltd will be carrying out essential repairs to a section of the moorings near Emms Passage. The work can only be undertaken during the night Spring tide when water levels are higher than normal - on the 23rd and 24th July between 3am and 4am.

The work will be mostly quiet, but there will be some talking, the sound of ratchets and the occasional use of a mallet.

Charter Quay Moorings Ltd apologise in advance if anyone is disturbed.

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Prudential Ride London

This year's Prudential Ride London takes place on Sunday 30th July. The professional race and the charity riders pass through Kingston twice, on their way to Surrey Hills in the morning and again on their return to London in the afternoon. The event brings a carnival atmosphere to Kingston, with events and activities planned for the ancient market square and across the borough.

Expect major road closures in the area from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday evening with severely restricted road access to Charter Quay. If you really do need to use your car that day, you are advised to park off-site. The best advice though is to forget all travel that day and enjoy the atmosphere in Kingston.

Visit the Prudential Ride London website for full details.

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