Fire alarms

All buildings in the Charter Quay development are protected by sophisticated fire detection and prevention systems that are regularly tested. Each apartment is also protected by fire resistant doors. If smoke is detected in the corridors or other communal areas, alarms will notify the Concierge who will investigate and call the fire brigade if necessary. Automatic smoke extraction fans will also be triggered - in some corridors you may see the doors to the ducts open.

If there is a fire in a communal area it is recommended that you remain in your apartment. It is only in extreme conditions that the building need to be evacuated. If you should need to leave the building, remember that the lifts will not work and only the stairs should be used.

Please note that the incidence of a fire is one of the few situations when your apartment would be entered without your permission being required. Entry may need to be forced if the Concierge do not have keys to your flat.

Within each apartment there is a separate circuit for your local fire alarm (the fire alarm unit is normally located in the hallway). The circuit and circuit breaker can be found in your electrical consumer unit. The alarm is mains powered with a battery backup. When the battery is dying the alarm will beep about once a minute, and some alarms also flash. Please replace the battery.  Replacement batteries can be bought in most stores and are simple to fit. The Concierge staff will be pleased to help if required.